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5/4/2009  Monday, well the shake down is done the list is long for today, but she is ready to go.  We will take back the cable box and depend on internet cafes to update you.  We will leave out tomorrow morning and head for Key West.  No telling how long we will stay, we may not even get off the boat.  I have seen Key West, maybe for the last time.  See you Marathon!  You have been very good to us, you will be missed.




5/16/09  We arrived in Isla Mujares yesterday.  We left the dock last Wednesday and headed to New Found Harbor.  We spent 2 days their, because we suffered exhaustion and needed to sleep.  We anchored right off of Little Palm.  Friday we left New Found and left for the Marquesas.  We had a hard time getting in the anchorage and the anchor would not catch and the wind kept changing direction.  It was a rocky night and we only got about 2 hours sleep.  We left for the Tortugas the next morning.  What seemed like forever the Fort and the Lighthouse finially appeared in the distance.  We anchored outside the anchorage because there were about 30 boats anchorer inside.  It was a little bumpy but better then the night before.  We put the dingy in the water and headed off to explore the Fort.  While we were gone the refrigerator came open and kept the invertor running which ran the batteries down.  Also, the dish washing soap fell out of the cabinet and turned on the water.  FUN!  The next day we wen to start the boat and it didn´t start.  GREAT!  I would like to say I handled it well, but I didn´t.  After a day worth of trying, Dustin got the boat running.  He works miricles in the engine room.  After 3 sunsets over the lighthouse at Loggerhead Key, we headed out Wednesday morning.  We left early and had great wind.  We were ahead of schedule.  We hit the Gulfstream at night and immediatly the wind picked up and the waves kept coming.  The boat was cruising along at 9 knots.  Our boat doesn´t do 9 knots.  We reefed in the sails and were still flying.  The moon finially came out and it got scarier, beacause you could see how big the waves were.  We made it past Cuba by morning and fought The Yucatan Channel all day and night.  It took us 50hrs from anchor to anchor.  I would like to sugar coat it but it was scarey.  We arrived in Isla Mujares on Friday morning and slept for hours.  We threw the dingy in the water to go and get supplies.  We at this point were living on granola bars because the frig went out.  So we got the essentials Beer and ice.  The first person we met invited us to a BBQ.  We met alot of cruisers from everywhere in the world.  Everyone has a storey.  One even had a storey of the Brass Monkey, his favorite bar in Marathon.  The dog is now liking us again until we turn on the engine again.  happy days, more to come





 5/20/2009  We are still here in Isla.  Monday we checked in, finially, since we were just walking aroun here without our passports stamped.  It wasn't as bad as we were told.  First stop the Port Captain, of course we were wrong to The Clinic, what they call sanitation.  So immediatly my mind went crazy trying to figure out what they were going to do to us.  With much anticipation we were taken into the back room.  That was scarey!  Well all they wanted to do was have us answer a bunch of questions and stamp a bunch of papers.  Next we had to go to immigration.  We went to get some paper and immediatly to the bank to pay some tax.  Back to immigration, she stamped a bunch of papers, then our passports and said " Welcome to Mexico".  Back to the Port Captain, of course, we got some form wrong and usually there is a fine of $1000.00, but it was ok for now.  Smiling and nodding will get you a long way.  After paying them money we were home free, it took about 2 hours in all and cost us about 1000 pesos.  Which we believe to be $75.00.  While we were out feeling proud of ourselves that we did something right the wind picked up.  The boat decided to take a trip of it´s own.  It drug anchor and was floating towards the mangroves, when 4 wonderful good samaritans in their dingy´s rescued her and us.  Of course we are the last ones to know.  So we try to move the boat to redrop anchor and she wouldn´t start, why would she.  So, the next morning we get out more chain and another anchor and take it out on the dingy (We preferably call the dingy the 1/2 knot because we spun the prop) but anyway.  The wind was blowing the dindy sucks and Dustin drops the anchor, under the boat.  We just look at each other and laugh.  So, he does what every professional sailor would do.. Gets out the snorkel gear.  He slowly but surely moves the 45 lb anchor and 150 lb of chain.  Done, next to call my mom.  To shore we go, slowly.  I couldn{t get the pay phones to work and they are even in English.  I will not let Mexico defeat me.  Dustin gets a battery, messes with the prop and we head home.  We got some info about the prop.  We are suppose to find a guy named Paul in Cancun.  What could go wrong!  Wednesday morning we get on the Ferry to go to Cancun, and believe it or not we found Paul.  Of couse, he does not have the part.  So he drills holes in the one we got, because the Ingersoll´s always have to ghetto everything up.  We sure can not keep anything nice!  So, we take a cab around Cancun while he is fixing the prop.  Cancun sure is not the way I remember it on Spring Break of 1996.  I didn´t even have any Tequila.  We are back in Isla and we are exhausted from our adventures, when do we get to see the sights.

5/23/2009   We are still here in Isla.  I did not realize it is Memorial Day weekend.  Hope everyone has a good one.  My Memorial Day is definitly different then last.  I have not made one frozen drink all day.  The boat update, she starts!  Thursday when we were exploring a friends Gulfstar ,which by the way was huge, he gave us a tip.  The connectors my be bad on the battery switch, just turn the switch back and forth a couple of times.  Well, we did and she fired right up.  That was it, you have got to be kidding me.  We celebrated with a night on the town.  Dustin did his very first shot of Tequila, ever.  After many beers we staggered back to the dingy and we were done.  Last night we went to a perty at the Marina.  It was ametuer night.  Not quite what we were expecting.  The was a guy who broght a sax, some bongos, and everyone sang and danced.  Everyone is so nice here.  They all invite you over to their boats.  Not, I.  We have everything scattered everywhere.  At the end of the night they all tried to drag us to town.  Thank god we did not go.  In the middle of the night we have a horriable storm.  Almost everyone in the anchorage drug anchor.  NOT US!  We are so proud.  Today we occupied ourselves with getting Diesil and filling the water tanks, but we have not quite got this figured out.  We always seem to get the ball rolling right at about high noon, so we are hot and sunburnt.  The big fishing tournament is this weekend so we are going to check out weigh in.  They cook everything they catch right there.  Well, our next destination is Purto Morales, and if there is internet, we will keep in touch.




5/26/2009  So, here we are in Purto Morales.  It is a beautiful little fishing village 40 miles away from Isla.  We started our adventure here on Sunday.  Again, Dustin spent the whole day in the engine room.  Checking everything out, fuel lines, wiring, filters, eveything tou can possiably imagine.  I was under the assumption we now lived in Isla Mujeres.  I don´t want to live in Mexico.  I don´t speak the language.  I always thought once I was here I would pick up the language.  Has anyone ever known me to be a quick study, Ha.  Anyway, the big red monster (which we have now named the engine) started right up.  I knew come hell or high water Dustin would get it to start.  So, its 6:00 at night off for supplies.  The day before Dustin and I found a little refrigerator keg of Grolsch (not the mexican version, the real thing)  So that was the plan, yeah we would get food to but the Grolsch is ours.  We go to the SuperMercado, get in line and they say No.  What!  No cerveza or spirits sold in Isla after 6:00.  Devestating, since the boxes of wine cost $3.00.  We all know how I like my fine boxed wine.  Defeated, the guy at the counter told us about a little Bodega that sells it on Sunday.  I felt like we needed a secret password or we were being tailed.  We beat the system ,and got beer but no wine.  Back to the boat with all of our supplies.  Next morning we were preparing to take off.  We got up put the dingy up and of course since I am so patient, started getting snippy.  Anyway I got over that hissy fit and moved on.  Time to pull the anchors.  The Danforth easy that was the one that drug it was´not holding us anywhere.  The Bruce on the other hand.  The splice that holds the chain to the rode was to big to go through the deck plate.  Another of our over sights.  So we feed the rode and had to pile the chain on deck, so the windless kept jamming.  45 minutes later we were off.  The cut through Cancun was fine.  Open water came the current came and the wind was right on our nose.  If I haven´t said it before I hate the Gulfstream.  We are bobbing around like cork, no sails.  We finially decide to put the dodger that I spent all that time making.  So, we are wet I am pissy and 10 hrs later we go 40 miles.  At times we are only making 1 knot through the current.  We make it through the reef even though the GPS or the chart was saying we were right on top of it.  So, here we are we pull into this cut that from far away doesn´t look the width of our boat.  Inside are mooring balls. After a comical routine we catch the mooring ball.  For our own sake there were 2 sailboats behind us that gave up on the moorings and went to the dock.  So were here, dingy in the water, where to, ice of course.  Getting to land we realize we are a little out of our league.  There are mega yachts everywhere and ice cost us $5.00 a bag, thats american.  We go into town and look around, it is the greatest little fishing town, right on the reef.  We both enjoyed the best beer in a frosty mug, simple pleasures.  This morning we awaoke to a nice breeze, on our mooring ball, knowing we are not going to drag anywhere.  We took a walk through the marina called El Cid.  Look it up on the internet, it is crazy.  Very expensive place and we are only paying $10 a day for the mooring.  We walked through the resort.  Our eyes were everywhere.  Huge pool, swim up bar rock diving wall, and here we are walking around with our best cloths on.  We stood out.  I get to take a long hot shower in the marinas bath house, I am so excited, little things.  Off to get cervaza, and food, and to figure out how to use the phones to call my mom.


5/27/2009    So last night I finially figured out how to use the pay phone, but of course the card I purchased was only for 10 minutes, sorry Mom!  We got back from town for our normal beer run, and decided to take a shower and check out this resort.  We walked to the beach and low and behold there was a bar. Imagine that.  So we had a couple drinks and walked the beach.  We found a teather ball court and Dustin kick my butt.  So we walked back and sat in these little palapas on the beach with huge fluffy cushions on them.  This ain't so bad.  We headed home.  The next morning we go to the dock master to check out and he wasn't there.  But the lady gave us these fancy white bracelets, and told us we could use them at the resort.  So, I got dressed and went to the gym.. Yes, a gym and it was great to sweat.  After coming back from the gym I found Dustin lying at the pool and said "We aren't checking out today are we?"  NOPE.  So we sit at the pool and Dustin goes to get a soda.  The bartender tells him that with these fancy white bracelets everything is all inclusive.  WHAT?  We may never leave.  The pool has a bad ass water slide and a rock ledge you can jump from.  Dustin thinks my cannonballs suck.  I need more practice.  So after mant times of sliding and jumping we relax.  And yes we were the only adults playing on the slide the rest are at the pool bar.  But you know what they say, never sit at the pool bar, because people pee in the pool at the pool bar.  Anyway, the only bad thing about this place is that you have to wear shoes to anywhere you go inside or when you eat.  Dustin broke his shoes yesterday, so he is now walking aroun in mine that have flowers on them.  Now please remember that we are paying $10 a night and we have these magic bracelets.  Everyone who passes me asks me if I need anything to drink.  I think I will take them up on that.  But now seriously, we have an appointment to clear customs tomorrow.



6/1/2009   Happy 1st day of hurricane season everybody.  We are in BELIZE BABY.  We were not effected by the earthquake in Mexico and were completely oblivious to the fact there was a tsunami warning out.   We left El Cid on Friday morning not knowing whether we were going to stop or just go straight threw to Belize.  The winds were decent and we could actually raise the sails so we were not bobbing around.  I think I have made my peace with overnights.  We could see the lights of all the cities in Mexico all the way down the coast.  I don't think I even bitched once while we were out, at least not out loud.  I just turned on the MP3 player and sang loudly all through the day and night and next day and night.  We decided to go straight through, we just wanted to get home.  The first night was calm the next day we were also flying the jib.  The night came and every night the wind picks up and the jib had to be reefed in immediatly.  When Dustin gets nervous about the weather he does not let on until after the situation is taken care of.  When I woke up and reefed in the sails he says "I was getting scared I was going to put the EPIRB on my lap"  So we go and go sometimes even backward because the dam current.  Early morning Sunday Ambergris Caye is right infront of us.  The city light were glowing but the sunn was not up.  The outside reef s the only thing that stops us from Belize.  The sun rises and here we go.  We are looking for a yellow buoy, which is tiny, lined up with a prodominant red roof on a building.  Well since this book was written I think everyone put red tiles on their roof.  Dustin spots the bouy and we hold our breath the cut in the reef is 100 yards wide then immediatly you have to dog leg north.  I mean immediatly!!!!  So we were through and we could breath.  We anchored and we could sleep.  When we were awakened by the guys anchored next to us.  He figured out how to clear customs.  So all disoriented we were off to play with the government.  Fill this out fill that out, 2 copies of this and that.  Same questions any stowaways, plague, illegal drugs and so on.  Who answers yes to these questions?  Pay them 40 belize.  Go next door, do you have food, citrus, dog, what have you?  Pay them 40 belize.  No one cares about poor little Ashley the dog.  I paid the vet in the USA $187 for international papers for her little ass and noone wants to see them or cares she here.  They never search the boat and we are stamped and official.  We go back to nap even more then we head out to town.  San Pedro is pretty big but we are anchored in the main area.  The city is a bit sketchy, but if you want to buy drugs everyone has everything you need.  We sit down at a restaurant and order our first beer, excellent.  The best beer erer.  The night progressing and we have more beer.  We go to the dingy to go home and Dustin steps on a broken bottle in the water.  It didn't look to bad until we get home.  He has 2 huge gashes on his foot and toe.  The boat looks like a bad crime scene.  We wrap him the best we could and wait until tomorrow.  So we wake today and ask the nearest person where to go for stitches.  Dr. Dan!  So we go to doctor Dan when we walked in we noticed he was a gynocoligist, so as he was birthing babies he has time to stitch Dustin up.  Two horriable shots and many stitches later he is put back together.  This is our first experience with the health care in Belize.  If it was Marathon Fl we would still be sitting in the ER at Fishermans bleeding to death.  You have to love a doctor in shorts and flip flops named Dr. Dan and only charges you $50 for the procedure.  I got him some medication for only $15.  After that we bought our first cell phone.  I am so proud!  Then we headed off to see Ms. Flowers.  If you don't know who Ms. Flowers is, she is the women who got us our loan from the Caye International Bank.  Ms. Flowers was exactly what we expected her to look like, and she was just as happy to meet us as we were to meet her.  In the end we hold a piece of paper that says "LOAN PAID OFF"  sined Ms. Flowers.  The people at the bank thought we were freaks.  We whip out the camera and start taking pictures.  So ther it is "LOAN PAID OFF".  Just that makes it all worth it.  Now I must be Dustin's crutch while the poor thing hobbles around.


6/4/2009   After a bunch of rocky nights in the San Pedro anchor we decided we had enough.  Water taxi's rocking and rolling us, the wind picking up to 25 knots at night, no more.  San Pedro was beautiful for what is was worth, but way to busy for us homebodies.  Wednesday morning we took off for Caye Caulker, not without me throwing another temper tantrum.  Do you know I cannot tie a knot.  So anyway, out of the anchorage we go, raise the sails and pick up speed.  Do you know frusturating it is when you have the reef on one side and land on the other and the boat doesn't want to go straight.  We were in Caye caulker fast doing over 6 knots.  I would like to say we have become seasoned sailors but luckily the wind just is with us.  We came to visit some friends on their boat that have been anchored here for weeks waiting for us.  Well, here we are!  They showed us around the town.  Haaaaa, this is more like it.  We are anchored on the lee side of the island.  No Wake!  The island is a great little fishing village, sleepy, but has a beer distributor and cheap food.  That night we had our hand at trivia at a local bar.  Our team name "The Castaways".  We ended up beating the ringer team "Cheaters never prosper".  We won a $50 bar tab.  A little bit of trivia, did you know 97% of all currency has traces of cocaine on it.  Dustin with his useless knowledge saw it on the history channel.  We proceeded to drink draft beer, which is a no no, we drink to fast, but we had a good night sleep, for once.  Today consisted of laundry, while we waited we watched a dog chase coconuts and ate tomales from a guy on a bike.  Good Times, the way things should be.  We will be here for a couple days, then we are off.  680 miles down 70 to go.


6/10/2009  Water catchment!!!!  For those of you not aware Nakdtyme holds 100 gallons of water and has no fancy ways of making it's own.  At the dock no problem we just whip out a hose to fill it.  Not true out here.  We are pretty good at preserving, we filled in Isla adn at El Sid.  Now at Caye Caulker we needed to fill again.  So, Dustin goes in search.  You would think it would be easy, it's only water.  Dustin goes to a place called Pelican Point Marina.  Not yet a marina no pilings, but there he finds some people and they have a barge that is brought over from Belize City filled with water in it's ballast.  We have our fancy blue 6 1/2 gallon jugs.  To fill these jugs they drop the bucket in the barge pull it up then funnel it into our jugs.  Great, they did say we could bring the boat over and fill up, but it had to be after the runway closed because they were right at the end of the airstrip.  They thought it would be ok no matter when, but who wants to take that chance.  So, anyway 3 hours later we have 60 gallons of water in the tank and the 1/2 knot dingy continues to purr.  Anyway back to my original point, WATER CATCHMENT.  We finially got the canvas positioned in the right way for our water system.  Last night we had a huge rain, our first time to check it out.  You would have thought we invented the wheel, we stood outside in our underwear, past midnight holding flashlights watching the water go into the tanks.  Hoorah, we can shower somewhat in peace knowing we will not be stuck with no water and shampoo in our hair.  Otherwise, we fill our days siestaing during the midafternoon, and coming to town later.  Later is when most of the street vendors are out.  The other day we saw a guy with a sleeve of ice cream cones and a trash barrel.  Dustin had to investigate.  He brought back a cone of the most delicious ice cream made from Sour Sop, which is a fruit.  We buy vegatables from the local lady that hands us what is best today.  Even if that's not what you had in mind you buy it anyway.  We can't forget about the wonderful late night sandwiches from the Chinese lady at the Oceanside Bar.  She has no idea what we are saying but she just smiles.  We also right now have refrigeration.  It's like moving up in the world.  We are not sure we are going to run it when we get to Placencia because we sit there and watch the battery meter the whole time we are home.  I have not bought to much to put in the frig but there is always is cold beer in there.  Tomorrow we are going to leave Caye Caulker.  We will head to Middle Long caye which is half way between here and Placencia.  I have a couple of goals and of course they are important.  Toget to Yoli's before ring game on Sunday and to be there for Lobster Fest.  Tonight, we will try to leave our mark on Caye Caulker.  We will attemp to win trivia one more time.  After taking 1st the 3rd then 2nd, we want to go out at 1st, again.  The next time I will be writing we will be in Placencia.  I can't hardly believe it.


6/15/2009   Here we are, PLACENCIA.  We left Caye Caulker early Thursday morning.  We debated on going outside the reef or going inside.  Dustin promised when we got  inside the reef at San Pedro, I would never have to go out again.  So, we stayed in, BIG mistake.  We left Caye Caulker and immediatly entered a place called Port-o-stuck.  It was named that for a good reason.  We sounded 6 feet then 5 then 4.  When the depth meter flashed 3.7 we began to panic, but we made it.  We couldn't put the sails up the whole trip because it was sketchy the whole time.  We entered Belize City Harbor and there was 3 huge cruise ships moored out.  Wow, can you even imagine 3 cruise ships of crazy people converging on Belize City at once.  The cruise ship remained on the horizon for what seemed like a lifetime.  Then we got rained on, how fun!  We finially made it to Middle Long Caye.  Kelli and Chris come floating in with sails up and talking of the wonderful sail they had, while we were fighting not to run aground.  Middle Long Caye is desolate and only seemed to have a fish camp on it.  Wish we had more time to explore but we had to sail.  The next morning we were woken abruptly by a huge explosion.  We never got up any faster.  We find the refrigerator door open.  We opened up the door to see the bottom crisper drawer blown apart.  An Orange Juice bottle had exploded and took out the plastic drawer the top shelf and a ziploc bag full of lunch meat.  Holy Crap!!!  How crazy was that, not quite the alarm clock we needed.  So, we were awake now, and off we go.  We had great wind and a beautiful day for sailing.  At one point we even tried to shut down the engine.  Our speed rapidly dropped.  We tried to be true sailors but the wind didn't coorporate.  At one point this little tri-maran flew past us doing about 20 knots.  We grew closer and closer to Placencia the mountains became clearer and our smiles grew bigger.  We passed our little Caye and it was very hard not to stop, it will have it's time.  We dropped anchor in Placencia Harbor about 4:00, at about 4:10 we stood on the side of the boat.  We firmly announced "CANNONBALL" and went in.  That is what we have been waiting for.  At this point I have to give a personal shout out to "The big red monster" or the 1971 Ford Lehman to which if it wasn't for the monster we would not be here today.  Dustin had a moment with the engine when we shut her down.  Ford may mean fix or repair daily but she made it all the same.  We got ready to go to shore and we were off.  We wen to Yoli's first. A beer here a beer there, and I still don't think it sank in we were here.  It was a little different going back to our house at the end of the night then a rented house.  We showed Kelli and Chris around a bit.  It is hard to explain the pace of Placencia to someone.  You really have to experience it first hand.  By the end of the night we had bar tabs around town because noone had change.  Just come back tomorrow and pay.  Take the glass and bring it back later.  Order immediatly when you get hungry or you will be staring by the time you get your food.  It is simple and entertaining.  The next day we finially saw Yoli and Reagan and then we went to BareFoot for the traditional smoked chicken nachos, not to put down Macho Chicken Nachos at the Island, but these are the most amazing in the world, and I know my nachos.  We hung out at Yoli's for awhile then went next door and watched TV for the first time in 6 weeks.  The first thing we watch is boxing.  Hey if you are going to watch TV, the first thing to watch is 2 people beating the crap out of each other.  Dam good entertainment.  Not only that I sat in my chair that Dustin carved my name in years ago.  So, Sunday comes, RING GAME.  If your going to have priorities ring game was mine for the day.  For those of you who do not know what ring game is it's a hook on a wall and a ring attached to fishing line to the ceiling and you swing the ring to attach to the hook.  If you have been hit by the ring at Breezes Bar or The Club, your welcome!  So here we are at ring game, Dustin is good and on a roll.  Me not a single hit 5 throws 6 rounds and a big goose egg.  Let's stop here and give another shot out to Donna who managed to stalk us all the way in Belize.  She knew we would be at ring game and she called Yoli's to find us.  Gotta love her.  I did manage to get pretty drunk though.  Four panty rippers and many beers later, we are off to the boat.  It was rough and rocking and rolling, I get to the boarding ladder and the boat rocks up and hits me hard in the face and I fall hard on the dingy.  The boat beat me up!!!  So here I sit today with a fat lip and a black eye and the boat came out looking fine.  Dustin won't be seen with me for fear people think he is beating me.  So, today Dustin wen to go look at skiffs to buy for the island and I sit and recouperate from my panty rippers.  All is well and we are in Placencia and I feel in my heart of hearts this is where we belong.  It has been a long road of ups and downs.  Today you realize the downs don't matter anymore and you sit back on the boat staring at Placencia Harbor and finially say "We are Home".  Off to find nails and lumber.


5/23/2009   I found out this morning it is Memorial Day.  So Happy Memorial Day!  My Memorail Day is so much different then last.  I have not made one frozen drink today!  We will be leaving Isla Mujeres on Monday but our adventures in Mexico continue. 

7/03/2009   WE GOT WOOD!  It has been awhile but things are progressing.  We have been haveing fun, but now it is time to work.  We spent the first couple days goofing off.  Who wouldn't!  We got the boat ready to take the sail to the island and the dingy engine finially died.  It's about time!  So there she is no go.  We stored the good ole motor so she could rest.  Friday morning we took the sail, weaving in and out of the patch reefs.  We let kelli and Chris go first, they draw more if they hit bottom we would definitely be screwed.  What are friends for!  So we pull up to the island and circled it and circled it.  At this point this is still not sinking in.  My house is at my island, holy shit!!!!!  We threw anchor in 60 feet of water as the bow is about 20 feet from the island.  Kelli and Chris picked us up for our poor dingy is resting.  We got to the island, first things first the palm tree still lives.  The land was pretty dry so we trapsed all over the place.  By the end of the day we had 4 sticks with cans on top marking off the main house.  Back to the boat the breeze was excellent and the sleeping was good.  The next day we woke early and packed the goods, a post hole digger, pick ax, the all mighty lufkin ( a giant tape measure) buckets, garbage bags, and of course toilet paper.  We headed in and Dustin and Chris played with the machette to widened the opening for the boat launch.  Kelli and I cleaned up garbage.  Have you ever tried to carry a trash bag threw the mangroves while collecting garbage.  They rip, so we reverted to buckets.  We piled the garbage so high against one tree we could start a land fill.  I have never seen so many shoes, tooth brushes, plastic bottles, 2 cycle oil bottles and doll heads in one place.  Just so you know we kept the doll heads and mounted them on a stick.  Who wants to trespass on an island with doll heads all over the place.  When we went back to the boat that night we were exhausted and dirty, but my house was right there and I could take a shower.  Immediatly the wind started blowing and the rain came in.  We had dinner and a couple of beers and went to bed.  The tunder and lightening continued and the wind picked up.  At about 2:00 Dustin awoke me with one of his famous "GET UP", he proceeded to say we are in the mangroves.  What impossiable, wrong possiable.  I went outside in the pouring rain, and between lightening flashes I could see our poor boat abeam to the wind and right in the mangroves.  Great my island is trying to swallow my house.  So we start the engine and hope to hell the prop does not get caught in the mangrove roots.  So between lightening flashes I could actually see which way to go.  Thew only lights I had to navigate by was Kelli and Chris's mast head light.  So here I am steering to get us out motoring forward and cool and calm as I am screaming at the wind, like it could hear me.  And you guys thought our sailing adventure was over.  So as this whole thing is taking place the new bow roller breaks off, fantastic.  So here we are another sleepless night, we broke the boat again and our spirit was broken.  Back to Placencia!  For several days afterwards Dustin and Chris ripped apart the poor little dingy engine.  Where is Gus when you need him.  Finially after much heartbreak it works.  This whole time I am compiling a list of things I need to do.  There became about 10 items of importance after a good week I got about 2 things done.  Belize time is much slower then Keys time, belive it or not.  So as this all goes on Dustin is doing what he does best, he is looking to buy another boat.  It is harder here.  Also he is ordering the wood for our main house walkway that will be 80 feet long.  The order is in and he is grinning from ear to ear.  He waits everyday to see if it is here.  We did have something else to keep our mind off it.  LOBSTER FEST!  This is what I have been waiting for.  You can eat lobster and way you want, grilled lobster, fried lodter, lobster tostados, lobster nachos, lobster nachos, lobster fritters, lobster pie, lobster tamales, and many more.  By the end of the weekend please no more lobster.  So here we are this week, on Monday we went to Belize City and actually made it out alive.  Any big city has its downs but Belize city tops them all.  We got legal again at customs and immigration.  We pay them money and they let us stay, what a concept.  We drove there and back as the rental car made more and more noise as we went but it got us back and I had my doubts.  So here we are this week everyday bothering Regan, is the wood here yet is the wood here yet.  Well not yet but Saturday.  Poor Dustin sits on the dock waiting for the sound of a truck to pull up but not yet.  Maybe Tomorrow!  Since this page is getting a little long we are going to a new page called "Building a Dream"  See you there.